Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse cases are among the most serious and complicated cases in the Criminal Justice System today. Just being falsely accused of sexually abusing a child can ruin a person’s reputation, destroy personal relationships, and jeopardize a person’s career. The criminal sentences for sex crimes against children are some of the toughest sentences on the books and include long prison sentences and lifetime registration requirements as a Sexual Offender or a Sexual Predator. Jury trials for sex crimes involving a child are extremely stressful due to the high stakes for the accused, the potential emotional trauma to the child, and the initial negative impressions of potential jury members upon hearing the horrible accusations made against the accused. Personal biases and social stigma must be identified and overcome throughout the trial to achieve a Not Guilty verdict. Choosing the right child sexual abuse lawyer under these circumstances is crucial when the rest of your life hangs in the balance. Remember, accused does not mean guilty.

Our attorney, Ryan M. Cardoso, knows the complicated process in which sexual abuse cases are investigated and prosecuted in Pensacola, Florida and neighboring areas. He understands the process in which a child’s allegation of sexual abuse is reported, documented, and presented at trial. Ryan is a child sexual abuse lawyer who has successfully defended these cases by conducting an exhaustive investigation of the particular facts and circumstances of each case. In addition, Ryan consults with experts from various disciplines to analyze scientific issues raised by the evidence which may include, medical examinations of the child, DNA evidence, the impact of prior trauma and past abuse on a child, Children’s Suggestibility, Confirmation Bias, Parental Alienation, Psychological Transference, and False Memory.

Most allegations of child abuse, including child sexual abuse, are reported through the Abuse Hotline. Reports of abuse are then processed and initially investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families and, in some cases, local law enforcement. If either the DCF or law enforcement find grounds for additional investigation, the child is referred to the Child Protection Team which conducts a recorded interview of the child. In many cases, the State seeks to introduce the recorded interview as evidence at trial. Representatives from law enforcement, the DCF, and the Office of the State Attorney, often watch the recorded interview in real time behind a two-way mirror. In cases involving allegations of sexual battery, the child undergoes a medical evaluation by a specially trained medical expert to determine if there are physical signs of abuse. Even if there are no physical signs of abuse, the medical expert may provide the opinion that a lack of physical findings in a case is still consistent with the alleged sexual abuse. Once this prearrest investigation is complete, law enforcement may contact the accused to give the person his or her “side” of the story.

If you are accused of a child sex crime in Pensacola, Florida, beware of making any statements to law enforcement, the DCF, or anyone else prior to speaking with a child sexual abuse attorney. You should know your rights and fully understand the process, including what is at stake for you, before making any statements.

Being falsely accused of a sex crime against a child is horrible. This horror story is magnified by pretrial publicity and comments on social media. Lives appear ruined, and the damage to relationships with family or friends can appear permanent. Despite initial feelings of shock and despair, do not lose hope. Instead, a falsely accused person must take action to fully defend against accusations of sexual abuse. If you have been accused of committing a sex crime, it is imperative that you have highly skilled legal counsel who knows how to handle the specific challenges these cases present, including any scientific or psychological factors at issue in the case.

At The Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, located in downtown Pensacola, Florida, we defend cases involving child sexual abuse with professionalism and integrity. We are not embarrassed or afraid to ask the questions that must be answered to successfully defend your reputation and your future. Ryan makes sure that each of his clients receive the highest quality defense that he can offer, and that level of service is exactly what every client deserves. If you would like us to help you, please call our office today.