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If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident or accused of a crime, it may be difficult to know where to turn. The legal system can be overwhelming when you are trying to defend your constitutional rights or obtain compensation for serious injuries and damages. People are bombarded by billboards and ads promising aggressive legal representation with jackpot results. Picking the right attorney can feel like a gamble. If you feel the same way, give us a call. At the Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, PLLC, we take a Client Centered Approach to every case. We want you to feel like you are the firm’s most important client regardless of the issue. Your legal problem becomes our legal problem. Your success becomes our success. We take your case personally and are passionate about helping you solve your legal problems and achieve the best possible results.

Client Centered Approach

We know that our clients are more than just their case. You are more than your injuries, more than your lawsuit, and more than your criminal charges. That is why we provide legal representation that is respectful of, and responsive to, each individual client’s preferences, needs, and values. We make sure that each client fully understands and is involved in all aspects of their case.

Prior to your initial office consultation, we obtain detailed information about you and your case so that our first meeting is productive and focused on designing a winning strategy for your situation. From your first office appointment to the end of your case, you will meet directly with the attorney handling your case. We never leave our clients in the dark about the status of their case. Rather, we work closely with them from start to finish, ensuring they are always informed of any new developments. Our office requests that our clients contact us, at any time, if they have any questions about their case.

In-Depth Investigation

We leave no stone unturned as we thoroughly investigate our cases. During our investigation period, we look at your case as a whole, every detail of your case, and everyone involved. All evidence produced is meticulously examined and questioned.

We conduct an exhaustive investigation of the facts and always make a point to listen, inform, and involve our clients at every step of the way. Getting details from our clients and working closely with each them allows us to give every client high quality personal representation. Our thorough investigations give us the tools we need to fully understand each and every aspect your case and develop a strategy that is tailored to your specific goals.

Ryan M. Cardoso

Attorney Ryan M. Cardoso has been representing people for 15 years, and is committed to helping his clients vigorously defend and assert their rights in both criminal and civil cases throughout Northwest Florida, including in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. After obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida, Ryan earned his law degree from the University of Florida College of Law in 2002, graduating with honors. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2003 and is also a member of the American Bar Association, the Escambia/Santa Rosa County Bar Association and the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

With deep roots in Florida, Ryan is dedicated to his community, and his personal mission is to provide comprehensive, considerate, and careful attention to each person’s case so that his clients never wonder about their legal rights, the status of their case, or where they stand in the legal process. He works hard to tailor his advice and representation to each client’s individual needs, and works closely with them to carefully answer their questions, explain their options, and keep them informed of any important developments in their case. Ryan simply seeks the best possible results for each client. He views the practice of law as a privilege and has dedicated his career to fighting for the rights of the people he represents at every stage of the legal process. At the Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, we treat our clients with respect and compassion. No matter their circumstances, we don’t judge our clients. We fight for them and seek justice.

Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, whether for a first-time or repeat offense, a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Pensacola can help you protect your rights. Ryan M. Cardoso has tried numerous criminal jury trials to verdict, securing over 20 not-guilty outcomes for defendants facing long prison sentences. He represents clients facing a wide variety of state and federal charges including but not limited to: drug crimes such as those involving possession, trafficking, or conspiracy; sex crimes; traffic crimes including DUI, fleeing the scene of an accident, and reckless driving; white collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement; weapons offenses including those involving firearms; homicide and manslaughter; theft crimes such as robbery and burglary; assault and battery; domestic violence charges such as those involving domestic violence, repeat violence, and stalking injunctions; and violations of probation, also known as VOPs.

This list is not exhaustive and only represents the most common crimes defended at The Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso. In addition to representing adults in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, Florida, Ryan is also a juvenile criminal lawyer who represents children charged with these same types of crimes in juvenile court and children who are “direct filed” and facing charges in adult court.

Regardless of the nature of the charges you are facing, Pensacola criminal defense attorney Ryan M. Cardoso will use his in-depth knowledge of the numerous procedural rules that govern both Florida state and federal criminal proceedings to develop a defense strategy for your case. A number of these rules come from the U.S. Constitution, and serve as protections for ordinary citizens to be free from unlawful searches and seizures in the absence of reasonable suspicion or probable cause. These rules serve to hold the police accountable, especially if they exceed the scope of their authority and violate someone’s legal rights. For example, if you are pulled over and the police search your car and find drugs, you may be able to beat any criminal charges arising from that incident if the police lacked reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop or search your car, because the drugs might not be allowed into evidence. Similarly, if the police question you about an alleged crime without reading you your Miranda warnings, which basically state that a person under arrest has the right to remain silent, anything that they say or do can be held against them in court, and they have the right to an attorney, your statements can likely be excluded as evidence, which can increase the chances for a favorable outcome for you in a highly contested case. These are just a couple of the legal mechanisms that Ryan M. Cardoso can use on your behalf in a criminal case. Remember that “accused” does not mean “guilty.” Ryan is committed to vigorously defending his clients’ rights, and seeking the best available outcome for them through plea negotiations or trial, fighting to get charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the careless conduct of another person, you may be facing endless expenses, medical problems, and an inability to enjoy the life you once had. Ryan M. Cardoso helps individuals and families who have been the victims of negligent conduct seek the compensation they are entitled to after having their lives turned upside down by an accident. In order to collect damages in this context, you generally must prove that the person who injured you was negligent, which essentially means showing that they failed to use reasonable care, and that this failure led to your injuries or the wrongful death of a family member. If you are able to prove that the defendant was negligent, you may be able to recover damages for amounts related to medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, pain and suffering, and more. We have helped countless injured victims seek justice following an accident, and are prepared to evaluate your case and review your options with you.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes disputes arise in a business setting or some other situation where you feel that you may need to take legal action to protect your rights and interests. This can mean holding a person or business accountable for following through on agreements they have made with you, or seeking compensation from someone whose conduct has damaged you in some way. Whether you are seeking to enforce a contract, or fight back against someone who is interfering with your business, who has defrauded you, or who has made defamatory statements about you, Ryan M. Cardoso has the skills and experience to help you assert your rights through civil litigation. Some cases can be resolved through a negotiated settlement, while others must be taken all the way to trial. Whether you are in either of these situations or somewhere in between, Ryan will work with you every step of the way to pursue the best available outcome based on your circumstances.

Car Accidents

Auto accidents are a devastatingly common occurrence in Florida, and have the potential to derail your physical, financial, and emotional well-being. In addition to helping people with business litigation and criminal defense in Pensacola, attorney Ryan M. Cardoso helps injured victims recover compensation after car accidents. As in other personal injury cases, taking legal action against a careless driver generally requires proving that they were negligent, or that their failure to exercise due care led to your injuries. Examples of careless driving that can lead to a finding of negligence include distracted driving, speeding, failure to yield, and much more. We understand the nuances of pursuing damages in this context, and are also well-versed in the process of claiming benefits under Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance requirements. We are prepared to help you seek the compensation you need in order to move forward with your life after a catastrophic accident.

Breach of Contract

If you make an agreement with another person or a business and they fail to follow through on their end of the deal, it can be disappointing as well as financially damaging. You may be wondering what your rights are to enforce the terms of the deal, and how to get the answers to questions like whether it matters if your agreement was in writing, and what evidence you might need to prove your claims. Ryan M. Cardoso has helped numerous businesses and individuals in Pensacola and throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties bring contract claims. He knows how to establish the existence of an agreement, how to show breach, and how to effectively demonstrate the losses you have suffered. Ryan is available to discuss the facts of your case, answer your questions, and explain the options and damages that may be available to you.


Being arrested on suspicion of DUI can be frightening, especially if it is your first encounter with the criminal justice system. You may be worried about losing your driver’s license, how you will get to work or school, paying fines, serving jail time, and having a drunk driving conviction on your record. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Pensacola can help. There are many ways in which you can potentially challenge DUI charges. For example, if officers did not have reasonable suspicion that you were under the influence when they pulled you over, or if they failed to follow other procedural rules in the course of your arrest, the charges against you may be thrown out. You can also argue that the prosecution cannot establish the elements of the DUI offense beyond a reasonable doubt. For example, if they cannot prove that you had actual physical control of the vehicle, they will not be able to prove the DUI offense. These and other strategies can help you fight and potentially beat drunk driving charges with the help of a knowledgeable DUI attorney.

Sex Crimes

If you have been accused of a sex crime, you may be facing the possibility of a long prison sentence, lifelong registration as a sex offender, and a huge impact on your personal and professional life. With this much on the line, you need a skilled Pensacola criminal defense lawyer on your side. Whether you have been accused of solicitation, indecent exposure, sexual battery, or some other kind of sexual misconduct, it is of critical importance to speak with an attorney as soon as possible, and especially before answering questions from law enforcement. Prosecutors tend to take an aggressive approach to sex crimes cases, but we have helped numerous clients defend against these charges and we understand the tactics that may be used against you. We will work hard to examine all the evidence in your case, and develop a comprehensive strategy to protect your rights.

Knowledgeable Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Pensacola

At the Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with skillful and effective legal representation while treating you with the respect you deserve. The bottom line is that we are passionate about what we do and work hard to provide every client and every case with the highest quality defense we can offer. If you or someone you know is facing prosecution, has been injured in an accident, or needs help in a civil dispute in Pensacola or beyond, experienced lawyer Ryan M. Cardoso can help you. He proudly serves people throughout Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, Florida, including in Pensacola, Cantonment, Century, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pace, and Navarre. People who seek his guidance are treated with the full attention that they deserve, and are never viewed as just another case on the docket. We offer a free phone consultation to help you learn about the rights and remedies available to you. Call us at (850) 466-2073 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

Meet the Attorney

Ryan M. Cardoso is the founder and principal attorney at the The Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, PLLC, in Pensacola, Florida. He represents clients in a wide variety of practice areas, including criminal defense and civil litigation. He is an experienced attorney who has helped countless clients understand and defend their rights.

“At the Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, our primary purpose is to achieve the best possible outcome for every client we represent.”

- Ryan Cardoso

Ryan Cardoso
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Ryan is highly talented and an expert at the law. He treated me with respect and was very professional. I appreciate the time and effort he put into my case. Carly S.
Ryan handled a very complicated case for me and represented me above and beyond what any other attorney would have. Mr. Cardoso always took my calls or called me back, and was patient with all my million questions that I asked. He won my case and if I ever need representation again his number will be the one I dial. If you want a great attorney at a great rate and win your case Ryan Cardoso is the attorney to call! Garry T.
Ryan was great. Although he had more important cases, he kept in constant contact and was always accessible when I needed him. My outcome far exceeded what I was expecting. I hope I never need him again but if I do. He would be the first lawyer I would call. Great lawyer and person. Highly recommend Jeffrey W.
Mr. Cardoso represented my fiancé on federal charges and Mr. Cardoso exceeded my expectations we were very happy with the outcome, Mr. Cardoso kept me informed threw out the whole process. Mr. Cardoso is a compassionate and hardworking lawyer and I highly recommend him. Dana F.
The Law Offices of Ryan M. Cardoso, PLLC exceeded all expectations. We were continually updated throughout the process with professional and informative information. We started the process not knowing what to expect and finished the process with a most favorable outcome. The level of commitment, service, and integrity was outstanding. Carol O.
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We leave no stone unturned as we thoroughly investigate our cases. During our investigation period, we look at your case as a whole, every detail of your case, and everyone involved. All evidence produced is meticulously examined and questioned.

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