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Pensacola Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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A pedestrian accident can change your life without warning. Being struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street can leave you with catastrophic injuries. Your injuries might result in substantial medical bills and lost income from missed work.

You should not have to take on the financial consequences of injuries from a pedestrian accident caused by a driver’s negligence. Do not accept less than full compensation for your losses. Let a Pensacola pedestrian accident lawyer from Cardoso Law, PLLC, help you pursue accountability and justice for the harm you have endured.

Why Choose Cardoso Law, PLLC, for Your Pedestrian Accident Case?

At Cardoso Law, PLLC, our mission is to make things right for injured victims. That mission has allowed us to develop a proven reputation for obtaining success for our clients. Our track record includes millions of dollars recovered in injury claims. Our thorough preparation and persistence let the insurance companies know that we will fight as hard as necessary to recover every penny our clients deserve.

We know your anxiety, stress, and emotions after suffering life-altering injuries in a pedestrian accident. So we strive to give you peace of mind by offering compassionate, personal attention when we represent you. Our legal team will take the time to listen to your story and understand your needs, goals, and concerns. And whenever you have a question, you can contact us and expect a prompt response.

If you, as a pedestrian, have been hit by a car, reach out to us at Cardoso Law, PLLC, for a free initial case evaluation. A Pensacola pedestrian accident attorney from our firm can help you better understand your legal options for recovering compensation for your injuries. You will pay nothing upfront to hire us for your pedestrian accident claim; we are paid only if we recover compensation for you in a settlement or at trial.

How Many Pedestrians Are Killed in Pensacola Annually?

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, in a recent year, Escambia County had a total of 138 pedestrian crashes, which resulted in 115 pedestrian injuries and 17 pedestrian fatalities. The county had a three-year average of 149 pedestrian crashes and 20 pedestrian fatalities.


Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Pensacola, Florida

Frequent reasons for pedestrian accidents in Pensacola include:

  • Speeding, which reduces a driver’s opportunity to slow down and stop for pedestrians in the roadway
  • Reckless driving behaviors such as excessive speeding or swerving in and out of traffic
  • Running red lights or stop signs or disregarding yield signs at crosswalks
  • Drowsy/fatigued driving, which negatively impacts a driver’s perception and reaction time
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which also affects a driver’s perception and reaction time
  • Distracted driving, including texting while driving, eating/drinking, grooming, or reaching for an object
  • Turning or backing up without checking mirrors for pedestrians
  • Unsafe turns, including failing to signal or check mirrors for pedestrians
  • Passing stopped vehicles that have stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the road
  • Low lighting or poor visibility, which can make it harder for drivers to see pedestrians
  • Poor vehicle maintenance or vehicle defects, particularly tire or brake issues that affect a vehicle’s stopping performance
  • Unsafe intersection or road design that puts pedestrians at serious risk of a collision with a vehicle
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What Are the Florida Pedestrian Laws?

Florida Statute §316.130 sets forth pedestrian traffic regulations in the state. These laws include:

  • Pedestrians must obey traffic control devices applicable to pedestrians unless otherwise directed by a police or traffic safety officer.
  • At intersections, pedestrians must follow the traffic control signals.
  • Pedestrians may not walk on roadways with adjacent sidewalks.
  • If a roadway lacks sidewalks, pedestrians must walk along the left side of the roadway or on the left shoulder facing traffic.
  • Drivers approaching intersections with traffic control signals must stop before entering the crosswalk to allow a pedestrian with a permitted signal to cross the roadway.
  • Drivers must also stop at marked crosswalks to allow pedestrians in the crosswalk to cross the road.
  • Drivers may not pass a vehicle that has stopped for a pedestrian.
  • Pedestrians entering the roadway other than at a marked crosswalk, intersection, or pedestrian tunnel or bridge must yield the right of way to vehicles.
  • Pedestrians may not walk or run into the path of an oncoming vehicle whose driver cannot stop to yield to the pedestrians.
  • Pedestrians may not cross an intersection diagonally unless authorized by traffic control devices.
  • Pedestrians may not walk on limited-access facilities or on-ramps or off-ramps to limited-access highways.
  • Drivers must exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian, including giving audible warnings when necessary and using extra caution around a child pedestrian or a visibly confused or incapacitated person.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Pensacola Pedestrian Accident?

A driver who hits a pedestrian will usually be liable for the pedestrian’s injuries when the driver’s carelessness or recklessness led to the accident. However, depending on the circumstances of a pedestrian accident, other parties who may have liability include:

  • The at-fault driver’s employer, if the accident occurred in the course of the driver’s job duties.
  • The manufacturer of the driver’s vehicle or parts on the vehicle, if a defect causes the vehicle to fail to brake in time to avoid an accident.
  • The driver’s mechanic, if inadequate maintenance led to a mechanical failure that caused the pedestrian accident.
  • State and local governments, which may have liability for a defective and unsafe road or intersection design that puts pedestrians at unreasonable risk for accidents.

Our pedestrian accident law firm will thoroughly investigate the pedestrian accident you were injured in to recover evidence to identify the parties who may have liability for your losses. The evidence we may use includes:

  • The police accident report
  • Accident scene photos
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Surveillance or traffic camera footage
  • Driver cell phone records
  • Post-accident vehicle inspections
  • Expert accident reconstruction reports

What Compensation Can I Recover After a Pedestrian Accident in Pensacola, Florida?

pedestrian accident victim

After a pedestrian accident, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for expenses and losses such as:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital care, surgeries, prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, and physical/occupational rehabilitation
  • Costs of long-term care for disabilities, such as home health services, mobility equipment, or installation of disability accommodations in the home
  • Loss of income and future earnings or employment benefits if you cannot work due to a pedestrian accident injury or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering, including emotional trauma or distress
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life due to physical impairment or permanent disfigurement/scarring
  • Repair or replacement of personal property damaged in the accident

Florida Statute of Limitations on a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

The Florida Statute of Limitations on pedestrian accidents gives you only two years from the date that you were hit by a motor vehicle to file suit against the driver or other liable parties. Filing suit after the statute of limitations expires could result in the permanent dismissal of your case. If the court dismisses your pedestrian accident lawsuit, you’ll lose your right to demand financial recovery for your injuries in court.

Benefits of Hiring a Pensacola Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Hiring the Pensacola pedestrian accident attorneys of Cardoso Law, PLLC means having a dedicated legal advocate who will fight to get you the compensation and justice you deserve. That way, you can focus on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back on track after a devastating pedestrian accident. You can expect that our Pensacola personal injury lawyer will handle every step of your case, including:

  • Investigating the accident to obtain all available evidence, including police accident reports, accident scene photos, surveillance/traffic camera footage, or eyewitness statements.
  • Identifying other potentially liable parties and applicable insurance coverages from whom you can pursue financial compensation.
  • Calculating your ongoing and future anticipated expenses and losses, possibly by working with medical, vocational, and financial experts, to determine what full compensation looks like in your case.
  • Taking time to review your legal options with you and ensure you know what to expect throughout your claim.
  • Filing your claims with the insurance companies and against liable parties to begin pursuing financial recovery for you.
  • Aggressively negotiating on your behalf with adjusters and defense lawyers to try to secure maximum compensation for you in a settlement.
  • Going to trial in your pedestrian accident case if litigation becomes necessary to fight for the best possible result for you.

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Pensacola Today

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Pensacola Today

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact Cardoso Law, PLLC, today for a free, no-obligation consultation about your case. When you meet with us, we’ll discuss how we can assist in securing financial recovery and justice from the driver who hit you. Our firm will make sure that you are heard, and we will pursue accountability from those who caused your injuries and losses.

We serve clients across the Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent Metro Area, the Emerald Coast, and the Florida Panhandle. Don’t wait to contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Pensacola about your legal rights to recover compensation for your injuries. Call Cardoso Law, PLLC, today.

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