Broken Glass Injuries In Car Accidents

pieces of glass scattered on the streets after a car accident

Were you injured in a Florida car crash caused by someone else? Broken glass injuries happen frequently in car accidents. In most collisions, broken windows and windshields occur. If you were near any shattered windows, you could have broken glass injuries.

If you sustained a broken glass injury in a car crash that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical care and other expenses. At Cardoso Law, PLLC, a Pensacola car accident lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney.

Common Broken Glass Injuries After Car Accidents

Broken glass is extremely dangerous. This is particularly true during a motor vehicle collision. A victim may be unable to avoid shattered glass as the collision knocks their body around.

Common types of broken glass injuries in a motor vehicle wreck include:

  • Lacerations (which may be life-threatening if they sever major arteries or nerves)
  • Eye injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head/brain injuries, particularly if broken glass penetrates the skull
  • Neck wounds
  • Amputations
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement

Some car wreck injuries may not present immediately noticeable symptoms, and broken glass injuries in car accidents are no exception. 

For example, someone may inhale or swallow tiny pieces of broken glass during a crash. They might not realize they’ve done so right away. Over time, however, this glass could damage the lungs or other internal organs or tissues. Such severe broken glass injuries are less immediately noticeable than broken glass cuts from a car accident.

What To Do After Suffering from Broken Glass Injuries in a Crash

Right after the crash, you no doubt called 911 to report the crash and moved your vehicle to a safe spot away from traffic. If you didn’t seek immediate medical attention that day, you should do so immediately, even if you’re not sure you were injured. You could have been hurt without realizing it, or adrenaline could be masking your symptoms.

Similarly, never tell anyone you feel “fine” after a crash. Making any statements suggesting you’re not injured could cause difficulties later if you try to pursue compensation for car accident injuries.

Do not wait to see a doctor after a collision. In Florida, if you don’t seek medical care within 14 days of your wreck, your insurer likely won’t be responsible for providing compensation. 

Who’s Responsible After Being Injured by Broken Glass in an Auto Accident?

Various parties may be responsible for car wrecks resulting in broken glass injuries. Naturally, the responsible party could be a careless motorist whose driving resulted in a collision. However, that’s not always the case.

If the glass in a vehicle broke when it wasn’t supposed to, a design or manufacturing defect could be the reason. If that’s the case, the glass manufacturer could be responsible. If the glass was installed incorrectly, and that’s why it broke, the glass installer or vehicle manufacturer could be at fault.

A seasoned car accident attorney will know how to determine which party was at fault for the accident that harmed you. Once they discover that, they can help you seek compensation to treat your injuries.

Can I Recover Compensation for Broken Glass Cuts After a Car Accident in Florida?

Pursuing initial compensation after a motor vehicle wreck is somewhat easier in Florida than it may be in other states. In most states, you need to prove someone else caused your wreck to seek compensation. Once you have sufficient evidence showing a careless party caused the wreck, you can seek compensation by filing a claim with their automobile insurance carrier. You could file a lawsuit if they don’t have insurance or their insurer’s settlement offers are unreasonably low.

Florida is different. In Florida, when a motorist wishes to register a vehicle with at least four wheels, they must buy Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. The minimum required PIP coverage is $10,000.

PIP insurance covers 80 percent of necessary and reasonable medical expenses for treatment after a motor vehicle wreck. Even if you know someone else caused the crash, you’ll seek compensation by filing a claim with your insurance.

However, your insurance might not provide sufficient compensation. Once you reach your policy limits, you may still face further medical treatment, outstanding medical bills, or both.

You can file a third-party claim or lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries to get your medical bills paid. However, under Florida law, you may seek compensation for your pain, mental anguish, and suffering from the liable party if your injuries consist of any of the following:

  • Significant, permanent loss of a major bodily function
  • An injury that has a reasonable medical probability of being permanent
  • Permanent, considerable scarring or disfigurement

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Don’t delay when contacting your insurance company to file a claim regarding a serious broken glass injury. Different insurance companies have different policies regarding claim timelines and other such matters. In addition, you’ll want to contact your insurer right away to get your medical bills covered from the start.

It’s also important to act fast if you plan on filing a third-party claim or lawsuit. Under Florida law, you have up to two years from the date of a wreck to take legal action. You will likely forfeit your right to file a lawsuit if you miss this deadline.

Contact an Experienced Pensacola Injury Attorney Today

Seeking compensation after a Florida motor vehicle wreck can involve many tasks. When you hire an attorney, they can handle those tasks for you. Your motor vehicle accident attorney will coordinate with the insurance companies, investigate the crash to determine who was at fault, and file your insurance claims. They will assess the complete value of your claim and negotiate with the insurance companies for a fair settlement. 

You should focus on your recovery if you sustain broken glass injuries in a crash. At Cardoso Law, PLLC, a Pensacola car accident lawyer can review your case and offer the representation you deserve now. Learn more by contacting us online today for a free case review.