How to Obtain a Copy of Your Police Report

Accident report sheet

If you were injured in a car accident, you may recall giving your contact information to a police officer. But you may not know how to get a copy of the police report.

Why would you need it? Because it is an important resource for you and your attorney to help build your case and establish the other driver’s fault. It contains details about the accident, including where it occurred and contact information for any witnesses. Follow these tips to learn how you can obtain a Florida accident report.

Why a Police Report Must Be Filed Properly After a Collision

Properly filing a police report may be a critical part of your case. The investigating officer typically prepares and files the police report. As impartial, third-party documentation of the accident, it may assist your attorney in assessing the at-fault driver’s liability and that of any other potentially responsible parties — such as a local municipality that failed to properly maintain the roadway.

Florida crash reports can be helpful in settlement negotiations if you sustained significant injuries in the accident such that your attorney filed a personal injury lawsuit. Even though Florida has a no-fault insurance system, and your insurance company will likely pay for your medical expenses and lost wages, the company will still likely request a copy of the crash report related to your Florida claim. Without question, the crash report is an essential part of your case, regardless of how you pursue compensation for your losses.

How To Get the Police Report After an Accident

In Florida, the most efficient means of requesting a police report after an accident is to do so online. You can request a copy through, a website operated by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV). The Florida Department of Transportation recommends visiting the portal or submitting a public records request for the crash report by emailing You can also request the report by phone at (850) 617-3416, option 1.

What Does a Car Accident Police Report Look Like?

A police report is typically a standard form completed by the officer who responded to and investigated the accident. Because it is usually developed at the accident scene, it includes the following information:

  • Witness statements, including statements from the drivers involved in the collision
  • Details of the accident, such as the date and time, location, and vehicles involved
  • A diagram of the accident showing the point of impact between the vehicles and the location
  • Any citations or violations of the law
  • The police officer’s opinion as to who caused the accident and whether any other factors, such as weather or road conditions, contributed to the accident

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