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Client Reviews

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Professional Local Attorney That Cares

Fired my son’s first attorney and trying to find another one was a nightmare. Then Mr. Cardoso name was passed on to me by a prior client of his. Wished we found him first. Mr. Cardoso is an amazing attorney that will listen to you, return your calls in a timely manner and keep you updated throughout the entire process. I honestly feel that if my son did not have Mr. Cardoso represent him, proving that he was innocence then my son would have went to jail accused of a crime that he did not commit.

- Donna H. (5 Star Review)

Very Professional and Caring

Ryan was great. Although he had more important cases, he kept in constant contact and was always accessible when I needed him. My outcome far exceeded what I was expecting. I hope I never need him again but if I do. He would be the first lawyer I would call. Great lawyer and person. Highly recommend

- Jeffrey W. (5 Star Review)

Commitment – Service – Integrity

Cardoso Law, PLLC exceeded all expectations. We were continually updated throughout the process with professional and informative information. We started the process not knowing what to expect and finished the process with a most favorable outcome. The level of commitment, service, and integrity was outstanding.

- Carol O. (5 Star Review)

Best Attorney in Florida!

Ryan handled a very complicated case for me and represented me above and beyond what any other attorney would have. Mr. Cardoso always took my calls or called me back, and was patient with all my million questions that I asked. He won my case and if I ever need representation again his number will be the one I dial. If you want a great attorney at a great rate and win your case Ryan Cardoso is the attorney to call!

- Garry T. (5 Star Review)

Excellent Communication Between Client and a Team Who Cares

My success in my case was attributed to excellent communication between client and a team who cares. My experience couldn't have been better . I truly believe I've found the best representation anyone could hope for .The updates and direction of the case was a true collaboration They actually listened an valued my opinion. Why can't all business be this way.Thank you so much Ryan, staff and especially Mia .Thank you for treating me like a friend, you've got me for life as a client.

- Larry G. (5 Star Review)

I Received Better Treatment

I received better treatment, care, and concentration than I could ever imagine out of a law office. Ryan took his time to listen to me regarding my difficult civil suit. My case was resolved very quickly in my favor. Thank you. Ryan and Mia.

- Shaun V. (5 Star Review)


The law firms known by repeatedly using the power of suggestion also use your settlement to pay for your trust. Mr Cardoso was referred by a private investigator located locally.

- Traci F. (5 Star Review)

Ryan Takes the Time to Listen to Every Aspect of Your Case

Ryan Cardoso was my defense attorney following a false arrest for DUI. I called him after the arrest quite upset as not only was I facing the legal consequences of a DUI, but I also hold professional licensure that could have been impacted by this false charge. He analyzed every aspect of my case and presented me with all options available. Ryan first scheduled and thoroughly prepared for an administrative hearing. As a result, I quickly had my driver’s license returned. He then systematically exposed the truth behind my arrest, resulting in the State of Florida dismissing all charges. Ryan takes the time to listen to every aspect of your case. He gives excellent advice and encouragement throughout the entire process. He then diligently researches every angle of your situation, working for the best possible outcome in each case he represents. His legal skill, intelligence, work ethic, compassion and diligence are the best you will find.

- Donna F. (5 Star Review)

A Great Guy and an Even Better Lawyer!

Did what needed to be done. He didn't try to play games with your freedom. Ryan becomes really invested into case, actually wants to see you go home to family or love ones. A great guy and an even better lawyer!

- Deneco W. (5 Star Review)

He is Very Dedicated at His Job

My experience working with Mr.Cardoso was great. He guided me through the whole process and was always available to answer any questions that I had. He is very dedicated at his job. I hope I don’t ever need to use his services again but if I ever do need a lawyer he will be my first choise. Highly recommended

- Alvaro S. (5 Star Review)

We Trust Mr. Cardoso

Our experience with Mr Cardoso's firm was a wonderful one. Mr Cardoso, is an intelligent man,very professional and knows the legal system very well. All the recommendations that he gave us,in our case, have proven to be great advice that helped us immensely. His office kept us completely informed of the all legal experience we went through with them. There were times we couldn't be in contact with Mr Cardoso, his staff is very professional and knowledgeable and would get the answers we needed back right away. We trust Mr Cardoso and we would highly recommend him.

- Anto B. (5 Star Review)


I received personal attention for my questions. Honest and immediate answers.

- Traci C. (5 Star Review)

Very Professional

I would have to give Ryan Cardoso 5 stars. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and he cares about his clients. Ryan is very intelligent and knows the legal system. I can honestly say that he is the best criminal defense attorney in Pensacola. He is my lawyer and he has helped me so much. I trust him with my life. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who needs a great lawyer. He is easy to talk to and very understanding.

- B.M. (5 Star Review)

Highly Talented

Ryan is highly talented and an expert at the law. He treated me with respect and was very professional. I appreciate the time and effort he put into my case.

- Carly S. (5 Star Review)

Understanding, Compassionate

Stop reading and pick up the phone. I'm glad I did. Ryan Cardoso is like a legal ninja bringing a level of expertise and strategy that is both impressive and comforting when you're facing a tough situation. Ryan is understanding, compassionate and promptly answers the phone or returns your calls when you're in crisis mode. Falsely accused of a crime, I don't believe I'd have the freedom to write this if I hadn't hired him. If you want justice and value someone who is capable of staying one step ahead... get Ryan Cardoso on board now!

- David F. (5 Star Review)

Very Helpful

I highly recommend Ryan Cardoso. He was very helpful in getting my case dismissed. He is very enthusiastic and fair. If i ever needed an attorney again i would not hesitate to hire him.

- May (5 Star Review)

He Gets to Know You as a Person!

Ryan helped me in my case! He done everything he needed to prepare for my case. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer. He isn't just a lawyer, he gets to know you as a person! He does not treat you as your just another paycheck!

- Jodi B. (5 Star Review)

Extremely Knowledgeable, Highly Skilled, and Confident

When I needed an attorney, choosing Ryan Cardoso for my lawyer was the best decision I could have made. He is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and confident in his ability to win your case. He listens attentively, pays attention to details and understands what you're going through. He shows compassion, is very reassuring , caring and patient.

He saw the injustice of my situation and fought vigorously for my rights. He pursued all avenues to remove and obliterate the false charges filed against me. Ryan kept me informed and explained the process of the case as it proceeded.

As my attorney, Ryan quickly won my case!!! The charges were dropped and I never had to set foot in the courtroom.

With Ryan Cardoso as your attorney, you are his priority. I strongly and highly recommend him to handle your legal matters.

- Melinda W. (5 Star Review)

Fights For Justice

Major stress can be alleviated when you have a lawyer who can discern information quickly and find resolutions to rather complicated cases promptly. Ryan Cardoso is that type of lawyer and then some.

Having a level of empathy allows a case to been seen and understood differently. Understanding the dynamics and intricacies involved with all parties involved is a trait that is seldom found. Offering counsel, advisement, and advocating the best way to move forward with extremely strong supporting evidence makes you feel at ease.

My personal case was extremely time sensitive, with tensions between all parties involved extremely high. Ryan defused this fast and won the case in weeks where it typically takes months. Every question I had was met with an answer, every “what if XYZ happens?”, was met with an already well thought out strategy. Ryan knew precisely where to take this case and how to win. He found solutions that other lawyers did not think were even possible.

Ryan offered counsel, strong and wise advisement, an empathetic ear, and the most interpersonal professionalism I have ever seen. Whether it be getting back to you promptly, explaining complex terms or statutes and implications, to figuring out ways to beat unbeatable cases, Ryan is by far the best lawyer I have had the pleasure of hiring.

I highly, highly recommend Ryan Cardoso for his areas of speciality and practice.

- Matthew A. (5 Star Review)

Great Attorney

Ryan is a great attorney and his legal assistant Mia is wonderful. He was a great help in my legal process. I have known Ryan as a friend for several years and never thought I would need his services. When I did need his services due to an unfortunate event, he was there as an attorney and friend while I was physically incapacitated. Ryan looked out for my best interests. I recommend his firm to you if you are in need of his specialized talents. Call him now!

- Michael R. (5 Star Review)

He's a Wonderful, Well-Liked Person and an Amazing Attorney

I contacted at least 15 attorneys before finding Ryan Cardoso. After just five minutes of talking with him, I knew he was the right attorney for my case. He really cared about me and did everything he could to obtain the result we wanted. It was a terrible time in my life, but he managed to make it better for me in so many ways. It was one of the best decisions I ever made hiring Ryan Cardoso. I would recommend him a million times over to anyone and everyone who needed help with a criminal defense case. There isn't anyone out there who will care more or fight for you like he will. He's a wonderful, well-liked person and an amazing attorney.

- Chrystin F. (5 Star Review)

Excellent First Impression

I handle the legal affairs for my company. I reached out to Mr. Cardoso's office regarding a business dispute in Pensacola FL. I spoke with his assistant Mia. She was very professional, efficient and most importantly, listened. She advised we would be receiving a return call. Mr. Cardoso did not reach us on his first attempt to call us back and made a concerted effort to reach us on a couple occasions. We finally spoke the next day and he was very knowledgeable and well versed on the law. He suggested an excellent legal strategy and our firm retained his services. I am a firm believer in first impressions. The way Mia handled our initial contact, the effort Mr. Cardoso made to get back to us, and the time he took to advise and strategize (before we ever retained him) was far above the norm. We look forward to this type of professionalism, energy, and determination through out our client relationship.

- Tom (5 Star Review)

Great Lawyer

Very good lawyer. Helped me get a case thrown out. Very good communication, was able to contact whenever i needed something. Highly recommend!!

- Anonymous (5 Star Review)

He Got My Case Thrown Out

I was arrested while visiting the Pensacola area, so I was an out of town client. Mr. Cardoso came recommended by a credible source. I was arrested with a group of other co-defendants and my case was the only one of the group to be dropped. Mr. Cardoso kept me well informed throughout the process, and once I signed over for his services he did everything for me in regards to the case. I did not have to submit or file any paperwork for my case, he handled it all. I ended up not having to return to Pensacola at all to settle my case. I was very pleased.

- Anonymous (5 Star Review)

Great Job

I retained Mr. Cardoso for an issue I had from 18 yrs ago when I use to live in Florida. He researched my case immediately upon me calling him and told me exactly how he could help me and what it would cost. He did exactly what he said he would do with a sincere want to handle my case and got a favorable resolution as fast as possible. He kept in touch with me via email and phone through the entire process. He did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable thru the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal help.

- David (5 Star Review)

He Took Action

I hired Mr Cardoso after receiving an questionable eviction notice from my landlord. My case was extremely time sensitive, and Mr Cardoso took my case and aggressively took action. Needless to say after Mr Cardoso put my landlord was put on notice things worked out favorable for me. Thanks to Mr Cardoso I have no eviction on my record and no more issues with the landlord.

- Anonymous (5 Star Review)