Who Pays For The Medical Bills After a Car Accident in Florida?

medical billing statement after a car crash

An auto wreck in Florida is scary – and costly. If you’ve been hurt in a crash, you may have questions about who pays medical bills after a car accident in Florida. Your first resource is likely your own car insurance policy, although additional sources may also be available.

How Are Medical Bills Paid After a Car Accident?

To register a vehicle with at least four wheels in Florida, you must first buy Personal Injury Protection (PIP) auto insurance. Your PIP coverage must offer at least $10,000 in coverage for injuries resulting from a crash.

File a claim with your insurer to seek compensation for medical treatment after a car accident. This is the primary way to pursue crash injury compensation in Florida, even when someone else caused a wreck.

Medical Expenses Covered in a Florida Accident Claim

PIP insurance is responsible for paying medical bills after a car accident, covering 80 percent of necessary medical expenses after a crash. Along with covering the cost of treatment, PIP may cover other medical-related expenses. Examples include the cost of ambulance rides and traveling to medical appointments.

Other Options for Recovering Compensation for Your Medical Bills

PIP insurance might not cover the total cost of your medical bills after a wreck. If your injuries are severe, your medical bills may be greater than your policy limits. If you have health insurance, this could help cover some expenses related to a Florida car accident.

Florida law allows victims in these situations to file third-party claims or lawsuits after collisions if they meet the “tort threshold” criteria. Your injuries may meet this threshold if they consist of or cause any of the following:

  • Substantial, permanent loss of a key bodily function
  • Permanent injury
  • Substantial, permanent scarring or disfigurement

If your injuries meet these criteria, you could take legal action against the other driver who caused the crash. Doing so also allows you to seek compensation for losses that PIP doesn’t cover, such as intangible losses like pain and suffering.

Talk to an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Pensacola Today

Seeking compensation for medical bills after a car accident isn’t a task to handle alone. An experienced personal injury attorney can help by:

  • Reviewing your case to determine all your options for seeking compensation
  • Filing third-party insurance claims or lawsuits against at-fault motorists, if possible
  • Adding up your medical bills and estimating the cost of future medical expenses
  • Completing and submitting claim paperwork by the deadline
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for a fair settlement
  • Representing you in court if you need to file a lawsuit to pursue damages

At Cardoso Law, PLLC, we enter into contingency fee agreements with clients. That means we don’t charge upfront fees for our services. Instead, our fee is a percentage of the compensation you receive. That way, you’re not adding to your bills by hiring a Pensacola car accident lawyer, and you’re never paying out-of-pocket to get quality help. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us online for a free case review.

At Cardoso Law, our mission is to make things right. To protect those who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. To hold those who hurt our clients accountable. We do all this by treating every client with compassion and respect, as we fight for every penny they’re owed.